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Switched on Schoolhouse, 12th Grade, Grade 12, Science Curriculum by AOP (Alpha Omega HomeSchooling),...


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Electrify Your Learning! Are your student’s physics lessons static? Charge them up with SOS 12th Grade Physics! Lessons are written plainly so students can learn relevant information easier than ever before. Filled with applications to last a lifetime, topics covered are: -Kinematics -Dynamics -Work and Energy -Introduction to Waves -Electric Currents Packed with a vast range of information, SOS 12th Grade Physics will spark your student’s attention and expand his scientific understanding. Additional interesting subjects are static electricity, magnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics.?With integrated solution keys available from the SOS Teacher application, this all-inclusive physics course might be the best investment you’ll ever make!

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Note: Switched-on Schoolhouse curriculums DO NOT WORK ON MAC COMPUTERS.


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