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Switched on Schoolhouse, 9th Grade, Grade 9 Bible Curriculum by AOP (Alpha Omega HomeSchooling), SOS...


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The Gospels, Apostles, and Epistles! SOS 9th Grade Bible is visually appealing and presents a diverse survey of the New Testament. Beginning in the Gospels, student’s will gain concepts with colorful and purpose-driven assignments. Centering on a broad array of important works in the New Testament, subjects covered are: -Introduction to the New Testament -The Gospels -The Acts of the Apostles -The Pauline Epistles -How to Share Christ with your Friends With appealing assorted topics, SOS 9th Grade Bible contains rewarding and relevant information for every student. Students will be provided with an intuitive look at the Bible by studying biblical books and writers, the seven signs of Revelation, and the sufferings of Christ. Packed with practicality, assignments include personal evangelism, examining God’s will, setting goals, and knowing your gifts.

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