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Switched on Schoolhouse, 9th Grade, Grade 9 Math Curriculum by AOP (Alpha Omega HomeSchooling), SOS USB...


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Time for Algebra! Want your student to look forward to learning algebra? With SOS 9th Grade Math’s encouraging and rewarding environment, your student will! Exclusively designed to promote student excellence, this course covers: -Variables and Integers -Solving Equations and Inequalities -Problem Analysis and Solution -Polynomials -Factors Watch your student grow and learn algebra by studying algebraic fractions, radical expressions, and graphing. Plus, put the stress of explaining those difficult concepts behind you with integrated, step-by-step solution keys available when view problems from the SOS Teacher application! SOS 9th Grade Math is simply perfect at entertaining as it explains those harder problems. Also taught are algebraic systems and quadratic equations.

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Note: Switched-on Schoolhouse curriculums DO NOT WORK ON MAC COMPUTERS.


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