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50 Sets Coffee Cups Disposable with Lids & Sleeves Hot Coffee Cups with Lids & Sleeve Holders (16oz)


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Why buy coffee along the way to work when you can make a perfect cup of coffee the exact way you want and save money at the same time!? These cups are just like the star coffee places and other cafes made with quality durable materials. Great for hot coffee, or cappuccino on the go or to impress your friends, family, or people at your party with your caf? like quality cups and drinks. There is no logo on them so there is no need to worry about looking tacky, just quality cups with lids that stay on and sleeves to give your drink that authentic cafe feel. Don’t forget if you want to make hot chocolate these cups and sleeves are perfect for a wonderful treat that everyone will want and that they will be able to drink out of!?

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Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 15.2 × 14.49 × 3.9 in


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