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B-THERE Llama Stuffed Animal Plush Keychain


You found one of the most gllama-rous llama stuffed animals on the market
You will have no prob-llama with attaching this to your backpack or keychain as this llama comes with a sturdy clip
To prevent llamageddon we have the dimension here for you the height from toe to top of head (not including the ears, clip, and string) is about 6 inches and the llength from tail to chest is about 3 inches
Keep your cool as this no drama llama is simply irresistible with his furry coat and cute button eyes
Don’t worry momma llama as this little llama is surface washable for when spit happens

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The Llama stuffed animal is one of the most gllamarous toys on the market. This toys easily clips onto your backpack, keychain, or even belt loop for easy carry. The B-THERE Llama plush is about 6 inches from top of head to bottom of toes and about 3 inches from chest to tail. To prevent Llamageddon the toy is surface washable for when spit happens.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in